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Entrepreneurs welcome here

Norfolk County is strategically located within southern Canada – less than two hours to Toronto – Ontario’s largest city. Proximity allows for easy distribution to markets in North America. Over 150 million consumers live within one day’s drive.

Our location is critically important for on-time delivery of agriculture and food shipments. Located near major highways, airports and border crossings, Norfolk County is an ideal place to do business.

Welcome to Norfolk County, Ontario, Canada!

Workshops & Events

In collaboration with community partners, Norfolk County organizes a series of workshops and events throughout the year. These seminars and gatherings help support our business leaders by presenting relevant and valuable information for today’s economy.

Workshop series

Latest News

Sawaya Garden Trials

Canada’s largest flower-testing facility

Our business visits continue with a stop at Sawaya Garden Trials of Norfolk County, the largest outdoor non-biased flower testing ...
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Dave Urban

World’s largest helicopter logistics company

Norfolk County's business visits program brought us to Dave Urban, CEO of Direct Helicopter International. Dave is a big supporter ...
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Outdoor Farm Show

Norfolk businesses at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show

Several Norfolk County agriculture-related businesses will exhibit at Canada's Outdoor Farm Show, September 10-12, 2019. Among them:
Robert Fuller

Norfolk lawyer publishes Agriculture law book

The many farmers in Norfolk County, Ontario, are fortunate to have an expert on agricultural law in their midst --- ...
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“The County is behind you, get involved with them. The doors are open. The support is really there, if you just touch base with them. We continue to see Norfolk County moving programs forward.”
Jenn VanDeVelde, Wholesome Pickins
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Economic Development Strategy Review

Norfolk County is reviewing its Economic Development Strategy.