Economic Development Strategy Review

Norfolk County periodically reviews its Economic Development Strategy. The current review commenced in June 2018 and is expected to report its recommendations in spring 2019.

The development of a strategy is a process in which decisions are made about desired future results, how these results will be accomplished, and how success is to be measured, evaluated, and communicated to stakeholders.

Economic Development Strategy Review Process

Economic Development Strategy Review Process

  • Community Feedback

    The Economic Development Strategy Review seeks community feedback in various forms.
    Please stay tuned to this page for ways to get involved.

    Online Surveys

    Norfolk County received more than 1,500 responses via online and paper surveys in the summer of 2018.
    Results of those surveys will be made available at round table meetings.

    Norfolk's FutureCommunity Round Tables


    Sector Round Tables

    • Oct 23 – Young Professionals / Youth Round Table – Completed / Review Meeting Info
    • Oct 25 – Agriculture / Agribusiness Round Table – Completed / Review Meeting Info
    • Oct 29 – Tourism Industry Round Table – Completed / Review Meeting Info
    • Nov 7 – Manufacturing / Food Processing Round Table – Register
    • Nov 21 – Emerging Economies Round Table – Register



    • What is the purpose of the Round Tables? The Round Tables gather feedback from the community for the Economic Development Strategy Review. The scope of the review looks forward to 2024, in terms of visioning outcomes. The review focuses on recommendations that municipal government can directly implement, support or collaborate with other organizations to achieve. A final report will be presented in spring/summer 2019.
    • Why do you need input at Round Tables, if you have survey results? The surveys are opinions expressed by anonymous respondents. The role of the Round Tables will be to confirm and refine the findings of the surveys, and to drill more deeply into key issues.
    • How can participants prepare for the Round Table meetings? Participants can review the “Economic Scan – Statistics, Data and Trends” posted at and the survey results when they are posted in September.
    • What is the agenda? Participants will be grouped at tables of eight or less. Participants review survey findings and other info then share their opinions and ideas. Participants will self-record their feedback on table paper. Groups rotate through each theme. Feedback is recorded in the interim report to the Project Oversight Team. There are three themes/topics for discussion:
      • Strengths & Opportunities
      • Values & Readiness
      • Actions We Can Take
    • What successes in the past have been achieved by similar meetings? The previous Economic Development Strategy process used round table meetings and stakeholder consultations in similar formats to prepare strategic plans. Five years after the completion of the 2011 plan, 67% of recommendations were complete or underway, and 24% had challenges or others options were being explored, while 9% did not proceed.

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  • Economic Scan - Statistics, Data & Trends

  • Strategy Reports

    Reports related to this project will be posted here.

    April 3, 2018: Report D.C.S. 18-33 – Approval of Terms of Reference


  • Project Oversight & Terms of Reference

    Project Oversight Team


    • Brett Schuyler – Agriculture Advisory Board
    • Gail Bouw – Tourism & Economic Development Advisory Board
    • Dusty Zamecnik – Agriculture Advisory Board
    • Michelle Kloepfer – Tourism & Economic Development Advisory Board
    • Nick Kokkoros – General Public
    • Olivia Collver – Youth
    • David Cribbs – Chief Administrative Officer
    • Chris Baird – General Manager, Development & Cultural Services
    • Clark Hoskin – Director, Tourism & Economic Development

    Meeting Notes

    Technical Advisory Committee


    • Employment & Community Supports – Gary Beemer
    • Finance – James Johnson
    • Heritage & Culture – Melissa Collver
    • Library – Heather King
    • Ministry of Agriculture – Nick Kinkel
    • Ministry of Economic Development – Laura Gibson
    • Ministry of Tourism – Nancy Fallis
    • Paramedic Services – Stuart Burnett
    • Planning – Pam Duesling
    • Public Works – Gary Houghton
    • South Central Ontario Region Economic Development Corp. – Kimberly Earls
    • Southwestern Ontario Tourism Corp. – Jim Hudson, alt. Joanne Wolnik
    • Venture Norfolk – Gord Potts
    • Western Ontario Wardens’ Caucus – Kate Burns
    • Workforce Planning Board of Grand Erie – Jill Halyk
    • Tourism & Economic Development: Ted Willey / Chris Garwood

    Meetings Notes

    Meeting notes will be posted here

  • Past Strategic Planning Projects

  • Feedback

    Strategy Feedback Form

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