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Norfolk's FutureEmerging Industries Information

The following emerging industries were identified as such by the European Cluster Observatory:

Eco industries (environmental goods and services industry) comprise those industries that provide innovative products and services intending to positively influence the natural environment: pollution control, collection and treatment of waste and sewage, renewable energy, recycling/recycled materials, sustainable water management, eco-construction.

Creative industries encompass a broad range of activities which include the cultural industries as well as all cultural or artistic production, whether live or produced as an individual unit: advertising, architecture, art, crafts, design, fashion, film, music, performing arts, publishing, research and development, software, toys and games, TV and radio, video games.

Maritime industries comprise companies whose activities supply innovative products and services related to the traditional maritime sector, such as marine turbines to generate renewable energy from tidal streams, etc.

Mobility industries comprise activities that provide products and services which aim to optimise the mobility of goods and people by combining or connecting different means and modes of transport (notably car/road, train/rail, airplane/air and ship/water), by optimising the effectiveness and resource-efficiency or reducing the cost or environmental impact of mobility (for example, through the use of new materials, new energy sources and grids, e.g. new technologies and devices such as GPS, Galileo for electric vehicles).

Mobile services industries comprise companies whose activities enable the provision of telecommunication, information, and entertainment services, including voice, internet, SMS, text, and other data services. They include conversation services (mobile voice and person-to-person messaging), data access services and content services (SMS-based, MMS-based, browser-based, downloadable
applications and others)32, targeting both consumers (messaging services, transaction-based services, news/information services, entertainment services, mobile marketing services, consumer portal offers) and corporations (messaging services, Wi-Fi wireless access services, mobile office solutions, task-based applications, sector-based applications, corporate and professional portals).

Experience industries comprise companies whose activities supply innovative products and services to provide customers with “experiences” that stimulate emotions and senses, move, entertain and surprise, thrill, enthuse and involve. Experience industries include activities traditionally associated with the sectors of tourism, culture, or leisure, in particular related to “the creation and operation of visitor attractions such as museums, galleries, science centres, heritage sites, zoos and aquaria, and theme parks”, building on capabilities in “feasibility, architecture, construction, exhibit design, interpretation, equipment supply or management consultancy”.

Personalised Medicine industries comprise whose activities are designed to supply innovative products and services in the fields of medical technology, medical and surgical equipment and devices, related information technology, infrastructure and services, clinical trials, as well as preventative Personalised Medicine care and general well-being (natural Personalised Medicine care, sport and recreation, community services, Personalised Medicine information, Personalised Medicine homes). These industries combine the fields of science, engineering and technologies to facilitate new innovations in the biomedical sphere and an increasing convergence of physical and biological technology platforms. They are key to supporting breakthroughs in medical knowledge and technologies, addressing major Personalised Medicine and societal challenges (such as the threat of new diseases, pandemics or ageing), enabling greater choice and the customisation of Personalised Medicine care (personalised medicine) and a move towards new Personalised Medicine lifestyles.

Source: Emerging Industries Report (European Cluster Observatory)

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