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SCOR releases ‘Who-Does-What’ Local Food Report

SCOR Economic Development Corp. has released the findings of a report by EcoEthonomics about to developing a database/tool/resource that takes stock of “who is doing what” with regards to local food. The objectives of the report were to:

  • Identify existing and comparable online tools and resources
  • Engage stakeholders in a co-design process to develop the framework for the
  • Identify potential funding sources for the development and implementation of
    the resource

The final report is available here.

  1. Recommendations for SCOR in the report were:
  2. Leverage existing websites
  3. Conduct a South-Central Local Food Conference
  4. Communications
  5. Develop a Food System Network in South Central Ontario Region
  6. Develop a Regional Food Systems Strategy
  7. Apply for Multi-year Funding








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