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Food & beverage trends report

The Food People, a consulting firm in the U.K., has developed “Food & Beverage Trends in 2017-18” that may be useful for people involved in the food industry.

Trends for food in the next year or two center around foodies “getting involved” (diner participation, food chefs at home), focusing on “soothing comforts” (a taste of yesterday, sweet sensation), watching for “service polarization” (service style), and “revamping the run-of-the-mill” (gourmet fast food, premium frozen, veggie dude food).

Other trends include focusing on the story of food, including seasonality, provenance, equipment and techniques, street food, and personal stories. Health, wellness, ethical eating (social purpose, supply chains, reducing waste) and personalization and populism (pop ups, markets and halls, table for one) are also among the new trends.

The infographic prepared by The Food People also lists big flavour markers that are emerging, naming trends such as seashore, meadow, floral botanicals and smoke among the flavours in a savoury kitchen. Big ingredients for meat and fish (aged proteins, wagu, halal, for example) and fruit and vegetables (coloured and heritage, pickled, kaniwa, chia, honey, stevia) are also noted in the report.

Thanks to the Ontario Culinary Tourism Alliance for sharing this info.

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