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Norfolk County
Economic Development
185 Robinson St, Ste 200, Simcoe, ON N3Y 5L6 Canada
Phone: 519-426-9497
Toll Free: 1-800-699-9038


Quality of Life

Cost of living

Norfolk County residents spend less on most day-to-day expenditures, compared to the provincial average:

  • Education                          36% less
  • Personal Taxes                 25% less
  • Clothing                             25% less
  • Shelter                                20% less
  • Personal Care                   18% less
  • Food                                   14% less
  • Insurance & Pension     13% less
  • Home Furnishings          8% less
  • Home Operation             7% less
  • Recreation                         5% less

Because we spend less on: Residents of Norfolk County spend much less than the provincial average on Internet access, child care expenses, home security, household items, jewellery, dry cleaning, garage rent and parking fees, health care practitioners, collectors’ items, alcohol served in bars, funeral services, veal, lamb, shrimps, pasta, rice, green beans, spinach, and cooking/salad oil.

We choose to spend more on: Due to our low cost of living, Norfolk County residents choose to spend much more than the provincial average on trucks and vans, motorcycles, boats, pets, gardening, camping and recreation, power tools, lawn mowers, knitting yarn, computers, self-made alcoholic beverages, bingo, gifts of money, contributions to charitable organizations, beef chuck cuts, pork shoulder cuts, bacon, bologna, canned salmon, cheddar cheese, bananas, pie filling, peanuts, celery, turnips, baked beans, canned mushrooms, and  tomato juice.

Shelter Cost Comparisons

Norfolk County is one of least expensive places to live in southwestern Ontario:

Average Monthly Shelter Cost Norfolk County London Brantford Hamilton Kitchener – Waterloo
Owned Dwelling $936 $1,110 $1,111 $1,197 $1,254
Rented Dwelling $752 $813 $789 $770 $869


“What I love most about Norfolk County: its diversity, its sanity – it’s an oasis.” – Mike McArthur, MHN Lawyers