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Green Ontario Fund announced

Save money, fight climate change … Take advantage of Ontario programs and rebates to reduce your energy costs and fight climate change.

The Green Ontario Fund is a not-for-profit provincial agency that invests proceeds from Ontario’s carbon market into climate actions that help people and businesses reduce greenhouse gas emissions and use cleaner technology to power their homes and workplaces.

Here are some of the programs:

GreenON Agriculture Program

GreenON Agriculture aims to support Ontario farm businesses in adopting cleaner technologies, helping them shrink their carbon footprint and grow their savings. More…

Two funding streams are available under the GreenON Agriculture program:

  • GreenON Agriculture Retrofit Stream – Supports eligible upgrades to production facilities, such as installation of new energy curtains in greenhouses, upgrading building insulation in climate-controlled barns, upgrading barn heating systems, or retrofitting grain dryers for improved heat reclamation.
  • GreenON Agriculture Innovation Stream – Conduct commercial-scale pilots to explore, improve and progress on emerging GHG-reducing technologies, and to demonstrate their commercial feasibility for sectors with climate-controlled, agricultural facilities.

Small Business Lighting

A one-stop program for lighting upgrades for small business, including a professional lighting assessment and installation of up to $2,000 in lighting measures. More…

GreenON Food Manufacturing Program

The GreenON Food Manufacturing program supports Ontario food and beverage processors. The program helps to accelerate greenhouse gas pollution reductions by enhancing the efficient use of inputs, processing and outputs in the food and beverage processing sector. More…

Two funding streams are available under the GreenON Food Manufacturing program:

  • Retrofit Stream – Reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) pollution through the adoption of proven technologies such as retrofits to improve energy, water, and resource efficiency.
  • Innovation Stream – Support projects that reduce GHG pollution through the adoption and demonstration of technologies that are lesser known to the food and beverage processing sector in Ontario

GreenON Challenge

The GreenON Challenge will harness the creativity and expertise of businesses and organizations with the aim of achieving lasting change through the creation of a strong, innovative and competitive low-carbon economy.

The program is focused on projects that identify and propose a solution to a market barrier in deploying commercially available low-carbon technologies and/or improving processes in buildings or the production of goods. More…

The GreenON Challenge program is open to:

  • Ontario-based incorporated not-for-profit organizations (e.g. community based organizations)
  • Ontario-based private businesses (for the production of goods sector, businesses must have between 1-499 paid employees)
  • Ontario-based Indigenous incorporated not-for-profit organizations, private businesses, and governments
  • Conservation Authorities
  • Registered charities
  • Utilities

Food Services Program

Union Gas business customers working with food service technology are eligible for equipment rebates in existing buildings and new construction. Get between $100 and $4,600 in incentives for energy efficient business equipment retrofits designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make your foodservice business run better on a budget. More…

Water Heating Program

Union Gas business customers are eligible to access energy-saving incentives for existing buildings and new construction. Between $200 and $8,000 per unit for energy efficient water heating upgrades, like condensing boilers, condensing water heaters, and ozone laundry equipment. More… 

Business Refrigeration Incentive Program

Small business customers with an average annual demand of less than 250 kilowatts and who have a commercial grade refrigeration system are eligible. You can get a free assessment to determine the right upgrades for your equipment, up to $2,500 to purchase and install improvements such as LED display case lighting, energy-efficient motors, anti-sweat controls and insulation, and all the arrangements, including finding a contractor, will be taken care of. More…

Electric Vehicle Charging Incentive Program

Ontario businesses that have purchased or leased an eligible electric vehicle and have received an incentive under Level 2 charger for your business. More…

GreenON Industries Program

Reduce greenhouse gas pollution with project funding through the Green Ontario Fund and Ontario Centres of Excellence. Funding is available to large emitters and other industrial, commercial and institutional facilities with projects designed to reduce greenhouse gas pollution in buildings and the production of goods. More…

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